Sunday, 31 March 2013

Life Lately #2

Whilst 99% of the country are in the midst of a sunny 4 day bank holiday weekend, I thought I'd whip together a quick 'round up' post of all the things I've enjoyed over the last week or so. Partly so I don't just sit and wallow about the fact I don't get to enjoy the bank holiday and am back to work tomorrow at 5am, as normal. 

This week my baby sister came home from Uni, unforch she couldn't stay for actual Easter but we still had time to make Easter biscuits. Safe to say she was envious of my decorating skillzzz:

I am mint green obsessed. Obsessed.

 It's going to sound like I'm completely in love with myself (I'm not), but I've enjoyed being make up free and just ogling my own skin. I think it's allowed though because I've had problematic skin since I was a teen. (In fact, even in year 6 I think I got a hormonal surge and distinctly remember some chin spots. YEAR 6!) and it's now behaving *massivebighappyface*

Excuse the hair and polo - I'd just got in from work and fancied a selfie ;)

Probably my hands down favourite part of the week has been watching New Girl. I'm not entirely sure I've ever laughed as hard as I did watching Schmidt and his quest for a lion fish or his problems with an open casket. And I always enjoy Zooey Deschanel's face. And her hair. 

This afternoon is going to be spent watching Buffy, hopefully persuading my mum to make a nut roast and eating mini Malteaster bunnies. What are you doing over the bank holiday? I wish I was able to go out drinking and dancing tonight, I'm having some serious town withdrawal symptoms...

My plans for the next week? Hopefully a pint tomorrow after work if Soph ever replies, a later start at work - 7am whilst still being paid from 5 on Weds, & a day off on Friday, which happens to be pay day and means I'll be laden down with bags and a new conch piercing by about 6pm on Friday afternoon. Bring. It. On.

So ciao from me, and ciao from....

Romy - my sister, my best friend, the frikkin weirdest person I know...

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  1. I LEFT MY PHONE UPSTAIRSSSS, I will reply though. Skin be looking lovely gurl xx

    1. Eventually... haha. Thanks gally ♡

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