Monday, 1 April 2013

Things I need #1

For as long as I can remember, I have been A Shopper. I started working at 16, was the only one out of my friendship group getting paid and it all went downhill from there. I was always shopping. The week of payday I tend to get a little overexcited and start planning my purchases, (who am I kiddin', this happens all month...) anyway, I'm slowly trying to update my wardrobe and bring in more colour/some spring-summer clothing, despite it still being so cold here.

I don't really stick to a particular style, my uni friends used to say I was "indie before indie got cool" which I probably think does sum me up. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently and been noted for payday. 

Things I need #1

1. 2, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
The Topshop crop top will look great with the Joni high waisted jeans (tiger pockets, helloooooo), or just with midi skirts which look so good for a more 'together' daytime outfit. Plus everyone needs a stripey top on their floordrobe. Orange is my favourite colour so this roll sleeve skater dress pretty much called out my name and demanded that I purchase it. 
I'm all about the shoes lately, and flatforms are a comfortable way to give me a little extra height and I just adore these ones from ASOS. I like that they look slightly school-girl esque, aaaaaand that's potentially the creepiest thing I've said.

I could quite happily take one of everything on Zara's website atm but I'm going to control myself, I saw these jeans a couple of weeks ago and they've been on my mind since. Must. Own. However I may just swoon over them for another month. I'm definitely starting to be a 'jeans girl' nowadays, I've had enough of leggings being too baggy and unflattering and just a bit... trampy. No offence legging wearers - they are the ultimate in comfort I'll give them that.

The floral skater skirt is something that I envision wearing out this Saturday night, I'm out with my new work friends and my best gallys, and find skater skirts look best on me, afterall I'm out to impress!

The Clarins toner was something I wanted to buy last month but restrained myself (I think I'm finally learning to budget - much to my dad's and my friend Dave's delight!) however I think it'll be added to my skincare collection on Friday, it sounds incredible,and I'm a sucker for anything promising bright skin. Finally, Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation. I thought I'd found my perfect foundation in double wear, however as my skin is now looking a-okay I'm wanting a little less coverage (this is buildable) and I want DEWY SKIN. I think a trip to their store in Leeds will happen the next time I go to visit my sister.

So, that's a fairly expensive list of things I'll hopefully get this payday, I've been working a ton of overtime so I can treat myself, plus with working 2 bank holidays I'll get some extra anyway. That's like, telling me to splurge isn't it?

4 days and counting and I can whip out my debit card. Do you plan your purchases? Are you preparing your wardrobe for spring/summer, should we actually get any warmer weather? 

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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Life Lately #2

Whilst 99% of the country are in the midst of a sunny 4 day bank holiday weekend, I thought I'd whip together a quick 'round up' post of all the things I've enjoyed over the last week or so. Partly so I don't just sit and wallow about the fact I don't get to enjoy the bank holiday and am back to work tomorrow at 5am, as normal. 

This week my baby sister came home from Uni, unforch she couldn't stay for actual Easter but we still had time to make Easter biscuits. Safe to say she was envious of my decorating skillzzz:

I am mint green obsessed. Obsessed.

 It's going to sound like I'm completely in love with myself (I'm not), but I've enjoyed being make up free and just ogling my own skin. I think it's allowed though because I've had problematic skin since I was a teen. (In fact, even in year 6 I think I got a hormonal surge and distinctly remember some chin spots. YEAR 6!) and it's now behaving *massivebighappyface*

Excuse the hair and polo - I'd just got in from work and fancied a selfie ;)

Probably my hands down favourite part of the week has been watching New Girl. I'm not entirely sure I've ever laughed as hard as I did watching Schmidt and his quest for a lion fish or his problems with an open casket. And I always enjoy Zooey Deschanel's face. And her hair. 

This afternoon is going to be spent watching Buffy, hopefully persuading my mum to make a nut roast and eating mini Malteaster bunnies. What are you doing over the bank holiday? I wish I was able to go out drinking and dancing tonight, I'm having some serious town withdrawal symptoms...

My plans for the next week? Hopefully a pint tomorrow after work if Soph ever replies, a later start at work - 7am whilst still being paid from 5 on Weds, & a day off on Friday, which happens to be pay day and means I'll be laden down with bags and a new conch piercing by about 6pm on Friday afternoon. Bring. It. On.

So ciao from me, and ciao from....

Romy - my sister, my best friend, the frikkin weirdest person I know...

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Skincare Saviours.

I like to consider myself a bit of a skincare know it all, even though I'm not. Unfortunately for the people around me I bang on to them about what they should, and shouldn't be using constantly, and bully them into using my products. My ex was known to enjoy a dabble with Liz Earle's 'Cleanse and Polish' when forced to clean his face, and now he's not around I've made my sister my newest target/guinea pig, which I don't think she really minds...
Around a year ago I discovered the greatest blog on earth Caroline Hirons, and let me tell you, what that woman speaks is GOSPEL. Check her out. So, having gained some valuable skincare knowledge I began to build my 'skincare wardrobe'. It ain't a cheap business, but it'll be worth it when you check yourself out in your 60s, I'm sure.
Here are two of my 'holy grails', and my two newest fave additions to the skincare arsenal I have accumulating in my bathroom.

For the first 3 I recommend a sit down, perhaps even a strong drink on standby if you're used to bargain skincare.

Origins Modern Friction - £31

This is the nicest exfoliator you will ever come across in your life. Now, price tag, yes... It's way more expensive than any of those peach scrubs, but this is so gentle, (word of warning, it's not gentle on the eyes and it hurts like a bitch, so like it says on the back, keep it well clear!) it's creamy when mixed with a little warm water and when rinsed off you'll have the brightest skin you've ever had. It contains rice starch instead of those horrid peach kernels (sorry, but they are no good for your skin gallys!) and lemon oil. It really cleans deep down and it will help clear up any scarring or uneven skin tone. I highly recommend it, I notice when I've not used it enough in a week and I've owned this for months and still have plenty left, so you do get your money's worth.

Origins Make A Difference - £33

As you can see, this has been lapped up by me and I'm due a new one. It is ideal/made for/heaven in a tub, for dry or dehydrated skins. Now I'm generally combination, but thanks to Caroline I also realised my skin was a tad on the dehydrated side. I have the rejuvenating treatment which is aimed at my skin type, but Origins have now added two moisturisers to the line for drier skins. This one was more gel like, and I would use it daily underneath my moisturiser, it makes your skin super soft, and super hydrated, and I really think it helped the overall appearance of my skin. Have a gander at an Origins counter or online and order yourself some guyzzz. Your skin will thank you, trust me.

Now two products that are new additions are the Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser £34 and the Good Things Bright Eyes eye cream £5.99

I saw a post from Kate @ Gh0stparties recommending the Clinique cream as part of her skincare routine, and she has lovely skin, so I instinctively knew I had to get this. It's a rich cream, I only use the smallest amount to cover my face after my night time skincare routine and over the last few weeks I've seen a complete turnaround in my skin. I wake up and have to do a double take in the mirror most mornings. I haven't had a blemish pop up in that time, my skin is so much brighter, clearer and it just looks healthy in general. So much so that whilst having a free Origins facial today, 2 of the ladies at the counter complimented my skin and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around town make-up free (which if you knew me 6 months ago would NEVER have happened...!)

Finally for today, as this is getting a wee bit lengthy, is the eye cream. I have always had horrendous dark circles around my eyes, even as a young teenager. I've never really bothered with eye creams as I think they make the biggest, boldest claims and I'm always sure they can't actually keep to these promises. However, on a Boots 3 for 2 splurge a couple of weeks ago I picked this up, I like my skincare to be full of "good things" and at £5.99 it wasn't going to break my bank account. It smells lovely - fruity, but that's because it's full of fruit extracts duuuh, it 'dabs on' nicely and sinks in, and I might be conning myself but I really do think my dark circles are fading. I definitely now use less concealer around them which can only be a positive thing.

So there we have it, a very long post about 4 of my favourite skin care items, that I'm definitely keeping on a repurchase list. I'm always adding to my skincare wishlist (more so than clothes or make up lately...) so I'll keep track of what I love and hopefully get reviews up on here fairly regularly. 
Do you have any recommendations for me? Think you'll take the plunge and spend a bit more on your skincare wardrobe?

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


I'm off today and taking full advantage of having nothing to do, even if I did naturally wake up just after 5am (yeah, cheers for that bodyclock!) 

So, this is how I plan to spend my day... my onesie...

...having a little pamper...

...and making breakfast bars for the next week of work!

 I'll also be planning a post for tomorrow so keep your eyes pealed for that, but for now I'm off to properly chiiiiiiillllaaax and drink my weight in tea - I think I've only just about recovered from this weekend's drunken tequila induced antics with my gallys. 
What are your favourite things to do with a day off?

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Life Lately... #1

I always love these instagram updates, so here's a snapshot of what's been happening in my life over the last week:


1. New Primark high top wedges. Badass! 2. Me and my sister made saluuuds for lunch. 3. Just a selfie of me waiting for the bus. 4. ASOS DELIVERY! 5. Iguana Cosmo at Las Iguanas with my gallys! 6. My 2 fave gallys at dinner on Sat night. 7. Me and Soph, my best gally in the world. 8. Matching Vans with my sister, so cool... 9. My make up picks for Mother's Day. 10. Travelling to my nanna's in our new car, IT HAS HEATED SEATS ZOMG. 11. My card, I am definitely not the favourite daughter! 12. A sleepy Maisie taking up most of my bed. 
 I am guilty of instagramming pretty much everything I do, so look forward to many more of these posts and having a good nose into my life. For the rest of the afternoon I plan to get some slap on my face, take my pjs off (I waaaaaas at work this morning, they're allowed to be back on!) and meet my friends for a beer and a burger. Something that happens pretty much every Wednesday! Ciao for now! :)

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My everyday face.

So, just after Christmas I found myself in a new job which required a 5am start. Crikey. Knowing I'd be leaving my house in the middle of the night and hopping on my bike I knew I'd have to push my Estee Lauder Double Wear and various lipsticks (heart... break...) to the very bottom of my make up bag.  In their place are some "bare essential" make up items I've discovered recently so that I don't look completely naked (facially, obv) at work. I'm newly single and who knows who I'll need to impress *wink wink* 


To start I prime my face and do my best to minimise my pores with Benefit's 'Porefessional' - one of those items people bang on about constantly. To be fair, I never bought into the hype. I got a free sample with a magazine last summer and wasn't bowled over. However last week, I was browsing the make up aisles of Boots and got  cornered by a lovely Benefit MUA. She dragged me over to the counter - usually something I avoid like the plague - and whacked this on my face AND OH SWEET JESUS. My skin was so, so smooth. The jury's still out on whether it minimises my pores but for now I'll take it on the daily. Next is my ultra lightweight base - Dr Jart+ Regenerating Beauty Balm. I had a sample of this and knew I'd love it. Not heavy yet still covers redness and gives any pesky spots a nice covering. I use this with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, which I use for all my base products and truly love. Two concealers are always floating in the bottom of my sexy work rucksack but I only ever use the Bourjois Healthy Mix. It's a great yellow toned shade that works wonders on those dark circles and gives more coverage to blemishes if needed. A slick of mascara (currently Revlon Grow Luscious but I won't be repurchasing it... it's not amazing), filling in of the brows with my favourite GOSH eyebrow pen, because I like that 'drawn on' look, then depending on time or how I feel a quick once over with bronzer and I'm set.

So that's my ultra simple 5am face. I'm getting used to rocking it, but what are your simple 'must have' face products? Any mascara recommendations? 

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Oh heyyyy. So here goes nothing... my very first post!

I've bagged myself this little corner of the internet so that I can basically keep track of everything I love about my life, in the hope that in perhaps, 20/30 years time I can look back and get all sentimental. N'awwh. I also have some free time on my hands, a love of writing that I don't do anything with, and I am kinda obsessed with spending money I don't have on expensive skincare and lipstick. This all led to my blawwwg. So you can look forward to snaps of me, what I get up to, I'll share my "future plans" (which change on an almost weekly basis), and there will occasionally be a little bit of beauty and a little bit of fashuuun for you to feast your eyes on.
 Ciao ♥

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