Monday, 1 April 2013

Things I need #1

For as long as I can remember, I have been A Shopper. I started working at 16, was the only one out of my friendship group getting paid and it all went downhill from there. I was always shopping. The week of payday I tend to get a little overexcited and start planning my purchases, (who am I kiddin', this happens all month...) anyway, I'm slowly trying to update my wardrobe and bring in more colour/some spring-summer clothing, despite it still being so cold here.

I don't really stick to a particular style, my uni friends used to say I was "indie before indie got cool" which I probably think does sum me up. Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently and been noted for payday. 

Things I need #1

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The Topshop crop top will look great with the Joni high waisted jeans (tiger pockets, helloooooo), or just with midi skirts which look so good for a more 'together' daytime outfit. Plus everyone needs a stripey top on their floordrobe. Orange is my favourite colour so this roll sleeve skater dress pretty much called out my name and demanded that I purchase it. 
I'm all about the shoes lately, and flatforms are a comfortable way to give me a little extra height and I just adore these ones from ASOS. I like that they look slightly school-girl esque, aaaaaand that's potentially the creepiest thing I've said.

I could quite happily take one of everything on Zara's website atm but I'm going to control myself, I saw these jeans a couple of weeks ago and they've been on my mind since. Must. Own. However I may just swoon over them for another month. I'm definitely starting to be a 'jeans girl' nowadays, I've had enough of leggings being too baggy and unflattering and just a bit... trampy. No offence legging wearers - they are the ultimate in comfort I'll give them that.

The floral skater skirt is something that I envision wearing out this Saturday night, I'm out with my new work friends and my best gallys, and find skater skirts look best on me, afterall I'm out to impress!

The Clarins toner was something I wanted to buy last month but restrained myself (I think I'm finally learning to budget - much to my dad's and my friend Dave's delight!) however I think it'll be added to my skincare collection on Friday, it sounds incredible,and I'm a sucker for anything promising bright skin. Finally, Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation. I thought I'd found my perfect foundation in double wear, however as my skin is now looking a-okay I'm wanting a little less coverage (this is buildable) and I want DEWY SKIN. I think a trip to their store in Leeds will happen the next time I go to visit my sister.

So, that's a fairly expensive list of things I'll hopefully get this payday, I've been working a ton of overtime so I can treat myself, plus with working 2 bank holidays I'll get some extra anyway. That's like, telling me to splurge isn't it?

4 days and counting and I can whip out my debit card. Do you plan your purchases? Are you preparing your wardrobe for spring/summer, should we actually get any warmer weather? 

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  1. I take it we'll be making a few extra store trips on friday then babe ;) xxx