Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Life Lately... #1

I always love these instagram updates, so here's a snapshot of what's been happening in my life over the last week:


1. New Primark high top wedges. Badass! 2. Me and my sister made saluuuds for lunch. 3. Just a selfie of me waiting for the bus. 4. ASOS DELIVERY! 5. Iguana Cosmo at Las Iguanas with my gallys! 6. My 2 fave gallys at dinner on Sat night. 7. Me and Soph, my best gally in the world. 8. Matching Vans with my sister, so cool... 9. My make up picks for Mother's Day. 10. Travelling to my nanna's in our new car, IT HAS HEATED SEATS ZOMG. 11. My card, I am definitely not the favourite daughter! 12. A sleepy Maisie taking up most of my bed. 
 I am guilty of instagramming pretty much everything I do, so look forward to many more of these posts and having a good nose into my life. For the rest of the afternoon I plan to get some slap on my face, take my pjs off (I waaaaaas at work this morning, they're allowed to be back on!) and meet my friends for a beer and a burger. Something that happens pretty much every Wednesday! Ciao for now! :)

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