Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Oh heyyyy. So here goes nothing... my very first post!

I've bagged myself this little corner of the internet so that I can basically keep track of everything I love about my life, in the hope that in perhaps, 20/30 years time I can look back and get all sentimental. N'awwh. I also have some free time on my hands, a love of writing that I don't do anything with, and I am kinda obsessed with spending money I don't have on expensive skincare and lipstick. This all led to my blawwwg. So you can look forward to snaps of me, what I get up to, I'll share my "future plans" (which change on an almost weekly basis), and there will occasionally be a little bit of beauty and a little bit of fashuuun for you to feast your eyes on.
 Ciao ♥

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